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Architectural Drawings • Construction Services

You’ve noticed it on HGTV or at a friend’s house – a space (a kitchen, basement, play area) that really works and is beautiful. But how do you get from your present home to your dream home?

You’ll need two important partners.  First, you’ll need an architect that will take your ideas and wishes and translate them into drawings that capture your heart.  Second, you’ll need a contractor who can take those paper dreams and make them a reality.


But one of the problems with conventional construction is the fact that the architect doesn’t always build with a budget in mind.  And a contractor doesn’t always build with aesthetics in mind.  But, what if the architect and builder are on the same team?  What if they collaborate to give you a beautiful design that’s within your budget?  Wouldn’t that be great?

That’s what we try to do at Modify Design/Build.  Our expertise and experience is in understanding your desires and then solving problems to create a space that you will love. We’ll start with an in-home consultation to better understand your present situation. You’ll work with a licensed architect, and they will help you with the design.  But early in the process they will show you options with pricing attached, so you can have a realistic picture of what the dream will cost.  The contractor will give you options as well – to choose finishes and products at different price points.  As you are learning about design options, you’ll also learn what’s feasible, and what’s more or less expensive. You can see your project items and their pricing so you can “line-item veto” if you would like.

Then, depending on the scope of the project, we’ll turn that design into CAD drawings for cabinets, engineering drawings for structural issues, or architectural drawings for permitting. We’ll design a budget that includes the architectural design, the construction costs, and the important pieces of furniture or art.

After we agree on a plan, you’ll receive a project calendar that walks you through the process. You will know what to expect. You’ll know when specific things need to be ordered, when you’ll have to make decisions and which days are going to be noisy or dusty. Through the process you’ll be dealing with vetted, state-licensed contractors with insurance to protect your home. Because it doesn’t matter how beautiful it is if it isn’t safe. That’s why all of our skilled trades – electricians, plumbers, and HVAC workers – are screened for their skill, honesty and integrity. Don’t risk your investment by hiring non-licensed workers. It’s not worth it.

You’ll continue to work with our design/build team throughout the project – and we will help to move the project along smoothly until its completion.