Our Story

About Modify ATL

Jack Mattern founded MODIFY on Chicago’s North Shore in 2002 with a simple imperative: create beautiful spaces that really work for the client. It was a challenge in a place where land was scarce, homes and work spaces were full of history, and the weather could be less than pleasant.  Sky-scraping condominiums and hundred year old buildings dot the landscape of the north shore. The historical structures were often peppered with character including uneven floors, crooked (but charming) doors, or plumbing that needed to be replaced. Creating a larger space generally meant building up or digging down – or when that wasn’t possible – redesigning the layout to increase functionality.

Aesthetic + Function

In 2007, the business moved to Atlanta. The vision of marrying aesthetic and function grew with the addition of Julia Mattern to the team. While Jack started building construction at the age of 16, subdividing his first house into four units, Julia’s design eye was being cultivated through her love of all things art. Adding home furnishings through the interiors division was Julia’s inspiration and passion.

Our team is made up of people who are committed to collaborative design and implementation. We listen to clients, understand the needs, create solutions, and bring beauty to your work and home environments.  We have worked hard to create processes that serve you well throughout each phase of a project.

Jack and Julia Mattern